"Exhaustion of Delusion" Lithograph Image Inspiration

exhaustion of delusion lithograph image inspiration title image

"Exhaustion of Delusion" speaks to the one within us that knows intuitively that we are capable and deserving of anything and everything we can imagine.

We are and always have been the creators of our own reality, but we have forgotten this on many levels.

When we think we are strangers in this world and that we are pushing our way through life, trying to protect ourselves from the universe collapsing around us, we can never allow ourselves to become what we desire to be, and we are ultimately deluding ourselves. 

One of my favorite quotes from Alan Watts is this gem:

"It isn’t that what goes on outside is so powerful that it pushes and changes what goes on inside, equally so it's not that what goes on inside is so strong that it proceeds to push around things on the outside, it is very simply that the two processes are one. What you do is what the universe does, and what the universe does is what you do. Not you in the sense of the superficial ego, you in the sense of your total psycho-physical organism, conscious as well as unconscious. You are not something that arrived in the world from somewhere else altogether and confronts an alien reality, what you are is the universe performing an act called a John Doe. This is such a subversion of common sense, but if you stop to think about it, it makes sense, only everything is conspiring around you to hide that fact."
Most of us live our day-to-day lives spending countless hours worth of energy judging ourselves, others and our environment, keeping ourselves stuck in the same stories and places over and over instead of accepting things for what they are (aka accepting reality) and using this new found energy to play and grow and wake up to our true nature as the powerful moving force in our everyday lives.

We and the universe and are one!

If the dreams, the goals, and the desires that we all feel are here now and wanting to be expressed, then there is already another part of creation that is waiting to receive this expression. It is the dance of the universe with you as the focal point, it can only be this way.

On a grand scale, you (the objective universe being perceived through a subjective experience called “I") are already creating black holes, moving worlds, growing cells, making your heart beat, and creating emotions without consciously thinking about it. Imagine what you could do if you finally gave up the delusion by letting go of fear and judgement and just let yourself be here now to play and grow and express yourself fully.

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