"Qualia" Lithograph Image Inspiration

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The definition of the word qualia is the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions.

Everybody experiences things differently and independently of those around them.

Even people in the exact same situation can have completely different ideas and conclusions regarding that particular experience. Every human, whether knowingly or unknowingly, relates to reality based on past experiences that give them a specific view point and ideas about life and reality.

The experiences and circumstances that have molded us into who we think we are are typically out of our conscious control, and if we're not aware of these biases from moment to moment, they can have a very obvious effect on how we view things, people and events (aka our entire life and all that we experience).

"The universe is transformation: life is opinion.”- Marcus Aurelius

Our opinions and beliefs follow us wherever we go and this is the reason why no matter where or when you exist, you’ll eventually find yourself in the same situations as before, because there is a pattern that you're experiencing within yourself, not outside in reality.

Being present enough in every moment to see the true nature of our judgements and assumptions in everyday life is enough to free ourselves from the burden that comes along with being attached to them.

This print stands as a reminder to be aware of the mind, but to not take it so seriously, for if we were born in the next person’s body, our experiences and opinions would be infinitely different than they are now. The only reason we are the way we are, and we think the way we think, is because of the things we've experienced in this life and attached ourselves to along the way.

But these stories mean nothing unless we give them the power to control our life. If we instead allow our minds to quiet and see the world as it really is, without judgment and underlying assumptions about the way the universe works, then the door opens for us to experience reality openly, freely and playfully.

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