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    Hozro Printshop provides high quality, original fine art prints created using traditional printmaking techniques such as lithography and woodcut printing.

    Each print is the independent effort of practiced skill and patience, and is hand drawn, printed and available directly from the artist, Lauren Alexander.

    "My mission is to offer a meaningful visual gateway into the present moment and to wake people up to their natural power that is always already right here and now." - Lauren Alexander

    Who am I?

    lauren alexander and dan studioMy name is Lauren Alexander! 

    I am a printmaker living in Denton, Texas and the artist behind Hozro Printshop!

    I consider myself an adventurer in the eternal now; and the inward journey to understand and express my true nature is the way I walk in beauty every day.

    My Story

    Over the past several years, I have become deeply devoted to self-realization and self-actualization. I have since evolved into and grown out of several different versions of myself, always laying bare to the most authentic one.

    My personal quest for self expansion, uninterrupted joy and free expression has blown my mind and turned my "average everydayness" into the most extraordinary journey of my life, the journey back to myself. Not the self in the sense of the small me, Lauren, but me in the sense of the bigger picture - the awareness that sees outward from me and the awareness that sees outward from you.

    New Discoveries

    The natural joy, power and completeness of being alive is always present right here and right now, no matter where or when your here and now happens to be. 

    The things we seek the most - true peace of mind, fulfillment, happiness, etc. - can only be found within us in this very moment by transcending our current limiting beliefs about life and our relationship with it, and by realizing our oneness with the eternal now and the universal awareness that pervades it.

    Once we understand through personal experience that in every moment we literally create our own reality through our perceived thoughts and beliefs, we have the ability to change our perspective, our world, and our destiny at any moment.

    My Mission

    To offer a meaningful visual gateway into the present moment and to wake people up to their natural power that is always already right here and now.

    By creating artwork that emphasizes the universal soul within us all and reflects experiences and themes in my own life, I intend to destroy the perceived separation between creator and creation, creation and observer, observer and creator, between the possible and impossible, between yourself, myself and every other self that you see.

    I want to support others in transcending the mind, connecting with their hearts more, recognizing themselves fully in the present moment, and finding the footing to walk in beauty everyday on their own terms.

    Walk in Beauty with me...

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    Also, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see all the progress on current and upcoming projects and inspiration I find along the way.

    I feel glad to have the opportunity to create and share with you so thank you for taking the time out of your day to look around my site.